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You can choose personalised or customised beer from our store Wines can be personalised with your own label on our wine-builder. Use customised promotional bottled water for your event, Cafe or fundraising For any Beer, Wine or Water orders shop at our store



Are you looking for the most unique, head turning way of branding your Company, Event or just looking for a gift to impress? Why not custom label BEER, WATER or WINE?

Brewtopia have been producing and custom branding beers for over 6 years and through pure demand we have expanded into Custom Branding Waters and Wines.

Because we have worked in the corporate world, we understand the demands placed upon you and levels of quality required. Our focus is solely on your experience and to that end we ensure the labels, printing and beverages are of the highest standard. So, if you're after a wine to quaff or commemorate, or bottled water to promote or resell then we have you covered!

We have the largest range of beverages for custom branding and because of our volumes and buying power we are able to offer the lowest prices across our ranges, so before you make a decision, make sure you see and taste our samples. You can see some examples here

So join folks like Toyota, Sony, Foo Fighters & thousands of others and make your message easier to swallow. Bottled, branded beverages! An innovative, refreshing way to thank Clients, Brand an Event or Congratulate someone.


Custom Bottled Water - 600 Blue Square Bottle

Water Bottles

Custom Beer -  Green and Brown Bottle

Beer Bottles

Wine Bottles

Champagne & Piccolos

For corporate pricing we have a minimum order of just 5 cartons! And there are no Artwork or Setup charges unless you want us to specifically design you a unique label. We have designed a custom label builder that allows digital printing on the waterproof, runproof, idiotproof labels.

There are 3 ways to go about starting the process

We realise every situation is different, so we tailor our pricing to you. Whether you are a charity, corporate, cafe or club, we have a pricing and payment structure just for you, so get in touch with us

We also offer Wholesale rates to licenced venues. Please contact us directly via email or using the form below.

And if you just want that personal touch, or something you can't find here, fill in the little fields below and we'll see if we can work something out for you!


Here's what our customers say about the beer itself:

"I just couldn't wait past lunchtime for the beer so I went all the way to Southbank Brisbane for one. After one mouthful, a carton was mine.... great drop lads!"

Scott Liddle, Gartner Group

"Fantastic!! Everyone loved the refreshing taste of it. Well done on the new beer!"

Rachael Bailey, RetireInvest

"Am enjoying it greatly. Well done on the beer!"

James Starr, Macquarie Bank

"Was impressed with the beer and the professionalism of the presentation"

Tony Gersback, Marketing Manager, Simpson/ Electrolux

Here's what our customers say about the beer and the innovative ways they use it:

"A great, head-turning way of branding our company. We can't wait for Christmas; every client will get a box!"

"A marvellous sales incentive for our staff"

"Not sure if it's an ego thing, or just a great marketing move on my part - probably both. Either way the beer and the feedback is sensational."

"We give them to our clients to say 'Thank-You' for their patronage. It keeps us top of mind next time they want to purchase from us & beats pens, stress-balls & mouse-pads hands-down"

"We use them instead of Business Cards - the customer can't file them away!"

"Why help breweries sell more beer? We stock the fridge with OUR beer; it gives us exposure externally and reinforces our brand to our staff - they see we are proud of our company."

"The best thing we ever used at our trade-shows! It gets people past our booth like nothing I've ever used and opens up potential new sales opportunities‚ and the beer tastes great!!"

If you'd like to get in touch with us for a quote, fill in the form above or whack us an email at sales @