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You can choose personalised or customised beer from our store Wines can be personalised with your own label on our wine-builder. Use customised promotional bottled water for your event, Cafe or fundraising For any Beer, Wine or Water orders shop at our store



Why not use Customised Promotional Bottled Water for your Event, Cafe or Fundraising?

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Find out more about our custom bottled water.

600ml Still

Find out more about our custom bottled water.

350ml Still

Find out more about our custom bottled water.

500ml Slim



You can design your water on our "Waterbuilder" below or design your own using a template which you can download here and email to us. All our water products have the following options:

  • 350ml, 500ml, 600ml
  • 330ML Sparkling Water
  • Customised Label 110mm x 67mm
  • Choice of Cap colour




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Our water is the ONLY water guaranteed free of bacteria, sodium, fluoride, mercury, dissolved solids and all other nasties. All other waters will grow bugs over time, which is why our bacteria free status is so important.

It goes through 15 separate filtering processes to remove all impurities. This removes all traces of fluoride & chlorine, as well as all other contaminants typically found in tap water and other ordinary bottled waters. No chemicals are used in this process.

The water comes from one of Australia’s greatest National Heritage areas, the Blue Mountains.

The production plant is steam sterilised every morning and every batch of water produced is independently tested by a Government Accredited laboratory. That is each and every single day!.

This water is also supplied to Qantas for First Class out of Tullamarine and is the only water guaranteed pure enough to be used in hospitals, laboratories and health food manufacture.

It is also the only water approved as ‘survival water’ to the RAAF. The water is used in special packs fitted to the underside of every pilot’s ejector seat and in every air/sea rescue raft.

Water is the biggest consumed beverage in the world today and personalised water or customised water is it is fast becoming the promotional tool of choice.

All water we use for is approved by the Australian Bottled Water Institute.




What is the minimum order?
1 carton (24 units)
Corporate & Bulk Pricing: 5 cartons (120 units)

Where is the water bottled?
Brewtopia use 2 major bottling plants in NSW, both of which are ABWICertified plants

What is the shelf life of the Bottled Water?
24 months from time of bottling 

What kind of bottles are used?
We use high-quality PET (plastic) bottles which are light-weight and clear incolor with a smooth label panel and ridges. All our Sparkling waterscome in glass.

Do you have options on bottle sizes?
We offer 600ml, 620ml, 500ml and 350ml Still Water and 330ml Sparkling Water.

What about the labels? Are they waterproof?
All Brewtopia's Labels are 100% waterproof and idiotproof.  Our labelsare syntheric polylaserpressure-sensitive to withstand commercial refrigeration and icing and is completelysubmersible with no effect to the label colour ormessage.

What kinds of caps are used?  
All of our bottles come with safety caps with a single safety seal.

Are there options on caps and colours?
Yes we offer a range of standard screw top cap coloursin white, black, and red.  Other colourscan be requested but minimum orders must be met. We also do Sports PopTop Caps in a range of colours.

How do I go about designing my label?
Easy!  You can use our Waterbuilder We can also design for you from scratchand we charge a minimum $50 per label.  

Are there set up and offsetcosts?

How long does it take to deliver?
Production and delivery are usually 7-10days from art approval.

Do we have to receive the entireorder at one time? 
We can ship periodically to a nmumberof address over any period of time.

Can you drop ship nationally to varied locations?
YES! We can drop ship an order for an agreed time table all over Australia.
With bottling in various cities we can save you a lot of time and money movingstock yourself.
Minimum drop ship quantities apply.

Can you hold stock?
Yes.  We have programs available whereby we can hold your labels in our warehouse and bottle fresh as you draw from that stock over an agreedperiod. Effectively we can warehouse your stock for FREE.

Is there GST on Bottled Water?

Need more information?
Call us on +61 2 9725 5055 or email info