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Now with extra FAQs for Americans!

About Us

Q: Who are you guys?
Q: Where is your brewery?
Q: How do I get in contact with Brewtopia?

About the Beverages

Q: Where can I get your beverages?
Q: How many bottles in a carton?
Q: What does the beer taste like?
Q: Where can I find our more about your Custom Bottled Water?
Q: I live outside Australia can you ship there?
Q: How do I stock your Beverages at my licensed premises?
Q: Can I just get labels?
Q: Do you have special pricing for Bulk and Corporate Order?

About My Purchase

Q: How long will it take to deliver my order?
Q: How much will it cost to ship my order?
Q: Can I come and pick my order up from you?
Q: I ordered product and it still hasn't arrived, who do I call?
Q: How will my order be delivered to me?
Q: What if I don't like the beer after I buy it?

About Your Privacy

Q: What is the Brewtopia's policy regarding information privacy?

Terms and Conditions

Q: What are the Copyright Issues for using the online labelbuilders?
Q: What can’t I put on a label?
Q: What are the Terms & Conditions of Use of the Site?

About Us

Q: Who are you guys?
A: A group of lunatics who thought this would be a good idea! Brewtopia's main business is the promotion of products in a fun, new, conceptual way. Our focus is on the customers experience in the consumption of goods and services. Our system is built on leveraging the increasing involvement of the consumer to the advantage of the consumer.

Q: Where is your brewery?
A: Our beers are produced in our state of the art brewery in Victoria and we have affiliations with a number of the best merchants across Australia to source our wines and waters.

Q: How can I get in touch with Brewtopia?
Address: Factory 54, 132 Hassall Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

About the Beverages

Q: Where can I get your beverages?
A: You can customise your bevvies via the website directly or through by sending us an email. You may also run into our beers, wines, waters, or coffees through bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels who we supply to. Just check the bottle and if it has made by Brewtopia, you’re on a winner.

Q: How many bottles in a carton?
A: There are 24 bottles in every carton of beer and water. Our beer comes in 330ml bottles and water is available in 300ml, 500ml, 600ml Still and 330ml Sparkling. All our wines have 12 x 750ml bottles per carton.

Q: What does the beer taste like?
A: We have 2 different styles. The Lager is a European style lager, pale in colour & all natural (so it won't make you lardy!) Its made with Saaz Hops imported from Germany & the finest Australian Pale Malt (em, from Geelong...) With fruity aromas & a low bitterness, its smooth to the palate... it has even awards!. The standard brew is 4.7% abv . We also carry Pale Ale! The recipes were developed by one of Australasia's pre-eminent brewers Brian Watson.

Q: I live outside Australia, can you ship overseas?
A: The only thing harder to ship than beer around the continents are weapons and drugs. Given licencing restrictions in parts of the US and UK and cost of freight its tough for us to ship economically. We are working on outsourcing deals in the these parts of the world, but for now, you can make your labels online – we suggest doing so and just whacking them over the ol Budweiser and Fosters labels…

Q: How do I stock your beverages at my licensed premises?
A: Send us email at sales

Q: Can I just get labels?
A: Yes. Just head to our Labelbuilder and fill your boots! These can be shipped anywhere internationally.

Q: Do you have special pricing for Bulk and Corporate Order?
A: Yes. We have wholesale pricing for those who wish to sell under a licence. We also have reseller and corporate pricing for orders over 25 cases. Please see the corporate part of our website or request a rate card from us - email sales

About My Purchase

Q: How long will it take to deliver my order?
A: Typically allow up to 7-9 working days for your order to be delivered. We will however do our utmost to get your order to you sooner than this.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my order?
A: You can use our Freight Calculator here:

Q: Can I come and pick my order up?
A: You may pick your order up from our address, but only after you have purchased and paid. We are not licenced to sell on premise. You can pick up from our warehouse at Campbellfield. 5B The Crossway, Campbellfield, Victoria 3061. You will need to contact us to confirm arrangements for pickup or specify when you order. Please wait until we have phoned you before arriving for collection.

Q: I have ordered product and it still hasn't arrived, who should I call?
A: Please allow up to 9 days for your order to arrive, if it has not arrived after this time email beer at and demand to know where your order is! We are open from Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4pm AEST and Friday 8.30am - 2pm AEST.

Q: How will my order be delivered to me?
A: All of our orders are delivered via either Hunter Express or Allied Express, to ensure the fastest delivery while keeping costs to a minimum on your order. You can track your order online by clicking here.

Q: What if I don't like the beer after I buy it?
A: Well you're in desperate need of a tastebud transplant - but we'd rather not foot the bill for that - instead we'll gladly refund your money in return for the unused beer as long as you give us your feedback on what didn't 'work for you'! Sound fair? No other brewer would ever dream of doing that - try them!
All of our beer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just contact us at beer to organise your return.

About Your Privacy

Q: What is the Brewtopia's policy regarding information privacy?
A: Brewtopia are bound by the privacy laws of Australia. We will zealously protect all customer and member information. We will absolutely not release, sell or giveaway information that you have shared with us. No details will be sold, misused or spammed without your express permission.

Please see our Privacy Policy statement for the full text of our position.

Terms and Conditions

Q: What are the copyright issues for using your online labelbuilders?
A: By using our site, you automatically agree to be bound by the following.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to use any material. Brewtopia is not liable for any breach of copyright or other law that you may commit in using any material at our premises or in having us copy any material for you.

Under the copyright laws of Australia, a person who owns a copyright in a "work" has the exclusive right to make copies of that work. The copyright owner may permit others to make copies of the work or use the work. "Copying" includes photocopying, scanning, faxing and digitising.

Before making any labels, or asking us to make labels for you, you must ensure that you have the right to use any image.

Unless the work is your original creation, it is likely that someone else will own the copyright. If this is the case you should ensure that you have the copyright owner's permission to make labels of the work, or that you have the right under law to use.

As a general indication, just about anything which is in a material form, and can be copied, will be protected by Copyright.

What kind of "work" might be protected by copyright law?

Some of the material can be protected by copyright includes:
-Books, newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, brochures and any other printed material.
-Maps and architectural drawings, including house plans.
-Photographs, sketches, drawings and graphics
-Musical scores and song lyrics
-Logos and designs

It is important to bear in mind that copyright may exist in purely functional things, like a set of instructions, as well as in material which has more 'artistic' quality, like drawings.

The Symbol

If you did not create the material that you intend to use, you should look for the symbol on the work. Copyright owners often (but not always) identify their claim to ownership by using the symbol, followed by their name and the year that the work was created. This is known as "Copyright Notice".

If there is no Copyright Notice on the work, it is not safe to assume that no one owns the copyright and you are free to copy it. While the existence of a Copyright Notice is helpful, it is not necessary for a Copyright Notice to be applied to work for a copyright to exist in that work.

Copyright Longevity

Copyright protection for many types of work does not last forever. In many instances, copyrights expiry 50 years from the end of the year that the author died.

However, even if you are sure that the author of the work dies more than 50 years ago, later editions of the same material may have been published recently.These new editions may now be protected by copyright.

Unauthorised use of Copyright Material

If you copy a work that is protected, without the copyright owners permission, the copyright owner may sue you. You may be sued even if you use only a small part of the whole copyright work. A commonly misunderstand area is the so called 10% rule. There is no such rule which allows you to copy 10% of less of a document.

By using this site, you declare that:
(a) You are the owner of the copyright in this image,
(b) You have permission from the holders of the copyright in this image, to use this image.
(c) Copyright in this image has expired (e.g. a photograph was taken more than 50 years ago.)
(d) You are otherwise permitted under Copyright Act to use this image.

You indemnify Brewtopia Pty Ltd against any loss, injury or damage (including legal costs or expenses) incurred by Brewtopia Pty Ltd as a result of any breach by me of this warrant

Q: What can't I put on a label?

A: We’re pretty liberal here, so you can have any text or images provided they do not involve the following:
Content that may infringe on the rights of a third a party.
Items that make inappropriate use of Nazi symbols and glamorize the actions of Hitler.
Use of marks that signify hate towards another group of people.
Hate and/or racist terms. (not even about French)
Content that exploits images or the likeness of minors.
Obscene & vulgar comments & offensive remarks that harass, threaten, defame or abuse others
Material that is generally offensive or in bad taste, as determined by

Terms and Conditions

Q: What are the Terms & Conditions of Use of the Site?
A: Please read these Terms and Conditions before you visit the Brewtopia Beerbuilder. You must comply with them to use the Brewtopia Site or any of the Brewtopia Services.

Terms and Conditions

Before you enter the Brewtopia site (the "Site"), or use any Brewtopia services, it is important that you carefully review the Terms and Conditions of usage set forth below. The Terms and Conditions may be updated or changed from time to time and you should check this page periodically.

By entering and using the Site, you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be legally bound and subject to them. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions creates a binding legal agreement between you and Brewtopia that you will comply with the Terms and Conditions and use the Site only in a manner that is consistent with these Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Site is conditioned on these Terms and Conditions and your compliance with them. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, do not access the Site or use any of its services.

  1. Who Can Be a Brewtopia Member?
    Brewtopia Membership is available to anyone who is at least 18 years of age or older who registers all required information (including an accurate, legitimate email address) and obtains a unique Brewtopia Member Username and Password. Persons under the age of 18 cannot become a member unless they provide Brewtopia with evidence of their parent or guardian's express consent to obtain Brewtopia Membership.
  2. What Happens if I Violate These Terms and Conditions?
    Members who violate the Terms and Conditions may have their membership terminated, revoked, services cancelled and their pages and materials, or portions thereof, suspended, deleted or removed without warning. Brewtopia will not return removed materials to a member. Brewtopia is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from removal of member material.
  3. What Content or Materials Are Not Allowed on the Brewtopia Site?
    Brewtopia is committed to promoting the free-flowing exchange of graphic expression relating to Member's interests, activities and hobbies while maintaining standards consistent with the Internet community and the societies of the world. Accordingly, no Brewtopia Member or other user of the Site may process, digitize, post, upload, store, share or otherwise display on the Brewtopia Site:
    A: Content or material that we believe is pornographic or obscene;
    b. Content or material that we believe is grossly offensive to the online community, including but not limited to, blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism or hatred;
    c . Content or material that exploits children under the age of 18 or posts or discloses any personally identifying information about children under the age of 18;
    d . Content or material promoting or providing instructional information about illegal activities, promoting harm or injury to any group, individual or cruelty to animals including, but not limited to:
    i) Instructions on how to assemble or use bombs, grenades or other weapons; and ii) Disseminating personal information about another individual for malevolent purposes, including libel, slander, defamation or violation of an individuals right to privacy.
    e. Copyrighted content or material that is used without the express permission of the owner; Photographs and other images published in books, magazines, posters, calendars, websites and other media are generally protected by copyright law. Uploading these images to the Brewtopia Site without the owner's permission constitutes copyright infringement and may result in termination of your Brewtopia membership.
    f. Content or material that infringes or encroaches on the rights of others, including, but not limited to, infringement of privacy and publicity rights and harm to reputation; or
    g . Any links to the above.

    Brewtopia has the sole discretion to decide whether content or material is prohibited on the Site and any materials submitted to the Site may be examined from time to time. You acknowledge that although Brewtopia does not and cannot examine all content and material submitted or transmitted to the Site, Brewtopia has the absolute right (but not the obligation) to delete, move and edit content and material for any reason, in any manner, at any time, without notice.
    You, and not Brewtopia, are solely responsible and liable for all content posted and stored in the Brewtopia community. You should also know that in visiting the Brewtopia community, you may be exposed to materials you consider to be offensive and you assume responsibility for your exposure.
  4. How Do the Copyright Laws Apply to Materials I Submit to Brewtopia?
    When you become a Brewtopia member, you become a participant in the Brewtopia community. Your photographs will be viewed and made available to others in the Brewtopia community and we may incorporate them in directories.

    As a condition of membership, you hereby grant Brewtopia a perpetual, universal, nonexclusive right to copy, display, modify, alter, transmit and distribute any materials provided by you to the Brewtopia community. You are the owner of all materials submitted by you to Brewtopia and you represent and guarantee to Brewtopia, as a condition of membership, that you are the legal owner of the copyright to all materials you submit to Brewtopia or that you have permission from the copyright owner to submit the materials to Brewtopia.
  5. What Can I Do With Materials Provided By Brewtopia?
    All of the material on the Brewtopia Site are protected by the copyright laws of Australia and other countries, both as individual works and as a collection. You are only allowed to use these materials as indicated on the Brewtopia site; other uses are prohibited by copyright laws.
    All of the material contained in the Brewtopia site may be viewed only on the Brewtopia Site. You may not copy, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, publish, commercially exploit or otherwise transfer any copyrighted material in any format, electronic or otherwise, without express permission
  6. What Do I Do If I Think There May Be a Copyright Infringement?
    If you believe that your material or the material of another has been wrongfully copied, Brewtopia has a process for you to register your complaint through an email to In order for Brewtopia to investigate and address your complaint, please provide Brewtopia with all information requested.
  7. How Are Copyright Infringement Claims Handled?
    Upon notice of a potential copyright infringement, Brewtopia may immediately delete or suspend access to the infringing material. Brewtopia may also provide the member who posted the allegedly infringing material with contact information for the complaining party and may ask that the member work with the complaining party to resolve the dispute.
    If Brewtopia has deleted or suspended access to materials you posted on the Brewtopia site because of a complaint that the posting infringed someone else's copyright and you disagree and want to have the materials returned to your album, within 10 days after receiving notification that the materials have been deleted, please provide Brewtopia with a written response (a "Response") which contains the following:

    A: Your physical or electronic signature;
    B. Identification of the material that was deleted or made inaccessible;
    C. A statement under penalty of perjury that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or made inaccessible as a result of mistake or misidentification;
    A copy of your Response, including your name and address, will be sent to the person who complained about your posting, and unless this person files a lawsuit concerning the posting within in 14 days of receiving a copy of your Response, the deleted materials will be returned to your album.
    If a clear copyright, trademark, patent, publicity rights, or other infringement comes to the attention of Brewtopia, Brewtopia reserves the right to delete all infringing files and terminate the user‚membership without receiving a complaint from the person whose rights have been infringed.
  8. What Happens to my designs when uploaded to Brewtopia?
    Brewtopia reserves the right to use any deisgns, artwork and material in promotions and for resale from time to time.
  9. Is Information I Submit to Brewtopia Kept Private?
    Brewtopia will never release your name or other personal information without your permission unless required by law. Brewtopia may use aggregated member information that does not identify any individual member. Brewtopia makes every effort to maintain the security of the storage of private information, but you acknowledge that the exchange between Brewtopia members and others of information such as passwords or electronic mail may not be secure. Brewtopia encourages members to change their passwords frequently. Postings and other communications on the Brewtopia Site are not private. For additional information, please read our "Privacy Statement" which can be accessed from the link at the bottom of the Brewtopia home page.
  10. Will I Receive Email From Brewtopia as a Result of My Membership?
    Brewtopia will not send unsolicited email. All Brewtopia emails, including newsletters and announcements, will contain information on how to unsubscribe from that email list. In the event that you receive an email that you think is unsolicited, please follow the instructions contained in the email for letting us know and Brewtopia will make every effort to have your email address removed from future mailings.
  11. What If Materials I Submit To Brewtopia or Use on The Site Are Lost or Corrupted?
    Brewtopia urges all members to maintain backup versions of their Brewtopia pages and materials to guard against losses of any kind. Brewtopia is not responsible for any loss of data and/or files, nor is it required to return any data, resulting from Brewtopias suspension or deletion of data and/or files, network or system outages, file corruption or for any other reason.
  12. By Becoming a Brewtopia Member, You Agree To Indemnify Brewtopia for Any Claims Resulting From Your Violation of These Terms and Conditions.

  13. Limited Liability of Brewtopia:
  14. Law Governing This Agreement.
    This Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. By using the Brewtopia Site you agree to personal jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.
  15. Brewtopia May Amend These Terms and Conditions At Any Time.
    You agree that Brewtopia reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate Brewtopia services or any part of the services.
  16. This is The Entire Agreement Between You and Brewtopia:
    These Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between you and Brewtopia and govern your use of the Brewtopia Site and services. This agreement supersedes any prior agreements between you and Brewtopia. The failure of Brewtopia to enforce any right or provision of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of the right or provision. If any portion of this agreement is deemed to be invalid, the other portions of the agreement will remain in full force and effect.