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Frank G - MD / Chief Whip Cracker

Frank G is our head honcho and wine connoisseur extraordinaire. What Frank doesn’t know about wine is not worth knowing so he gets to choose the wines we sell and heads the small but effective Friday afternoon taste panel. You can always find Frank hiding behind cases of wine, obviously dedicated to his research... probably devising new strategies for the Group least we think he is...


Frank H - Chief Financial Officer / Bean Counter and Number Cruncher

Frank Z gets to do all the boring stuff like balance the bank account and the budget. Lets face it someone has to do this stuff! His life revolves around debits and credits but in between he does manage to have a great sense of humour, with a variety of accounting jokes ... of course, no one understands them, but he thinks they’re funny so that’s good enough for us. After a long day sorting out the numbers, Frank Z gets in his Volvo and drives home....need we say any more!


Tim - Warehouse Assistant / Mr Particular

Tim is our Mr. Paticular. He loves counting and moving things around with the forklift and making sure stock levels are adequate and that all products are performing at their absolute peak. Tim's motto, "If it's not tight, then it's just not right." We are referring to pallet wrapping here people - mind's out of the gutter. When he's not keeping the warehouse in order, you can usually find Tim playing a game of hide and seek with the other staff at Brewtopia and organising his match box cars into colour coded combinations.


Trevor - Head Applicator / Master of Air Instruments

Trevor is a chicken skewer fanatic with a passion for air instruments of all kinds. When he's not putting on an air concert for us all in the office, he can usually be found outside working out his muscles and whipping our applicator from the early 1800's back into shape. His favourite beverage is a deliciously crisp cider as beer makes him bloated.. apparently. His other hobbies include, ripping up the dance floor and water painting landscapes of the australian outback with only his toes.