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9 powerful ways Customised Beverages can GROW your business

In July 2003, the Business Review Weekly had this to say, "Australian consumers have never been more bored or frustrated with companies and their sales pitches. Consumers want innovation, understanding and patience".

We can help you give your customers what they want. Ultimately, your business is all about return on investment. We believe our custom labelled gear delivers in spades.
Here are just 9 of the many reasons why:

  1. Build loyalty - drop off a chilled case at your clients offices at 4pm one Friday
    What a refreshing and friendly way to thank new or existing clients for their business, and generate loyalty and awareness of your services throughout their organisation as they share a brew.
  2. Brand awareness - stop paying for other's advertising, invest in your own
    After bars and clubs, corporate Australia is the biggest spender on beverages. The money being spent is essentially promoting the beverage company. Think about it - you're paying to advertise their products. With custom label beer and water, you get the best of both worlds, superb beverages and effective advertising for your business.
  3. Cut through the usual promotional bollocks
    Forget the leaky corporate pens, branded stress balls, Mount Frankin and Crown Lager at every corporate event. Stand out from the crowd by serving your own high-quality brew and supply a gift people will enjoy and share.
  4. Generate personal referrals - spread the word and win new business
    Take a cold six-pack with you to client drinks, put some on ice at corporate functions, or give a few to your staff to enjoy over the weekend with friends. With such a unique idea, people will start talking about your company in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.
  5. Sponsor a sporting team or charity - everyone wins!
    Supply a case or two for the after game functions of your local rugby union team, donate some to charity for raffles, prizes or functions - a rewarding and supportive way to help out the community and get your message across at the same time.
  6. Build staff morale - show your staff you're proud of your company
    Why stock the fridge with someone elses lager? Crack open your own company lager at staff meetings and after work celebrations. Or offer it as a bonus sales incentive.
  7. Launch a new product or company!
    To create buzz around a new initiative, why not create a beer to serve at the launch event, to woo the press or generate internal awareness of the new product amongst your staff?
  8. Get some made up with your Customers name on them
    Now who else would they dare they go to when they need your service? After all, you've done the equivalent of smoking the peace pipe!
  9. How else can you get tax-deductible beer?!?
    It is a marketing and advertising expense after all (Best to just double-check with your accountant on this one!).

There are probably 52 more ways that we can think of to use custom beer to generate business in your industry, but it's just about beer o'clock, so get in touch with us and we'll talk some more.

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