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What is

 Brewtopia ?

Click and watch the ABC Business News about our custom beverage.What Is Brewtopia

This is not your average company. In Australia in 2002 we created a beer built on an Open Source concept we dubbed 'Viral Equity', which involved thousands of people in dozens of countries, helping us develop a brand new beer over the internet, by voting on every aspect of it's development. Crazy? Yes. Doomed to fail? Yes. But it didn't. And the result? A European Style lager brewed using the same recipe as our convict forebears but each with it's own custom brand - and unique ingredient - YOU!

Of course since then, we have expanded into other beverages and focussed much of our attention on the corporate and hospitality sectors. Click to Watch us on ABC Business NEWS

Now Why Did We Do This?
1) Initially we were sick of the big breweries pulling the wool over your eyes & making you drink substandard swill! BEER is only 4 ingredients and easier to make than bread, but they don't want you to know this! Crown, VB, Stella, Heineken - essentially the same recipe for 75% of the process!

2) It's every young lads dream to own a brewery, but few get a chance. So when we floated the company in February 2005, we gave all the people who voted and bought the beer the right to own the damn company!

3) We have a different philosophy than most. Instead of spending million$ annoying people who have no interest in our product, we focus all our resources on YOU and YOUR experience with us. After all, you're friends will believe more about us from you, than they will from us interrupting a re-run of 'M*A*S*H' on the telly with another shite beer ad!

Click to watch the video when the Hoff gets the Custom Beer - Hoffers.

So who drinks our stuff?
Well, we've had our beers slammed down by the Big Brother housemates, the Foo Fighters & the one and only walking hair-do Ray Martin. We supply our Custom Branded Waters to Luxury Car, Hotel and Cosmetic companies and some of the largest charities in the country. So drink up, you're in good company. Click to watch the Hoff receive his own bottle of 'Hoffters' on A Current Affair!

So how does this work then?
It doesn't matter who you are or what you're after in the beverage market, we can sort you. Want just a case of funky beer labelled for a gift? Head to the Beerbuilder. Need Branded Bottled waters for a promotional event or launch? Go to our Corporate Section. If you're a hotel or cafe looking for your own brand at wholesale prices, we can sort you as well! Generally it's only 7-9 days turnaround unless you live in a tee-pee in the Simpson Desert

What if I don't like it?
You're in desperate need of a tastebud transplant - but we'd rather not foot the bill for that - instead we'll gladly refund your money in return for the unused beer as long as you give us your feedback on what didn't 'work for you'! Sound fair? No other brewer would ever dream of doing that - try them!
BTW - Our customers are happy to let others know about their experience with us, so let us know if you'd like a chin wag with any of them.

Are We For Real?
Some people think this is a cheap publicity stunt. Well, there's nothing cheap about it! Admittedly we didn't think this would actually work! The only way we could make our beer stand out was to have people with a vested interest drinking it! So when you help we give. When you drink we give.

We accidentally stumbled on what we believe is best way to run a business - give the customers the reins. It's worked well enough so far that we've even been case studied by Microsoft, FastCompany & Financial Review!

Brewtopia. The only company Built by the People for the People

"Thanks Larry - I love it. This is an excellent concept and I must say excellent customer service."

Daniel Anderson
PR Manager, Intel Australia

Now why wouldn't you try out a carton of Brewtopia's good gear? Thousands of cheeky devils have and lived to tell the tale!

So, Why not start building your own beer, water or wine now on our labelbuilders? Click here!

Got any Frequently Dodged Questions?- head to our Q&A or call or email us!
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